Robert J Amoruso – Nature Photographer


I began photographing as a teenager, and I developed my skills using film (monochrome, color negative and slide). My first camera was a 35mm SLR by Minolta; later I moved to Nikon. I also used Medium Format cameras by Mamiya and Bronica and ultimately 4×5 view cameras. I used a number of systems for determining exposure and development including the Zone System incorporating both Ansel Adams’ and Fred Picker’s techniques. My monochrome work was created in my own fully equipped black & white darkroom. In 2003 I purchased a Canon digital SLR and embraced this new technology. Though at the time digital did not offer the same level of quality as film, this all changed within 5 years as the DSLR image quality improved. By 2004 I was solely using digital cameras and digital processing to create my photographs.

My early work centered on landscapes and oceanscapes although I wouldn’t rule out any other subjects that caught my interest. I’ve lived in the Northeast, the Southwest, the West and now Southeast and have explored many diverse locations while creating my images. Upon moving to Florida in 1999 I became interested in avian photography and in 2006 traveled to Alaska to photograph Eagles then in 2007 I returned to Alaska to photography Grizzly Bears. Since then I have conducted my own Alaska Brown (Grizzly) bear photographic workshops there. In 2005 I started providing photographic instruction both at field and classroom locations teaching avian, landscape and basic photographic technique.

Today I strive to capture the many facets of Florida – from the coastal ecosystems to the freshwater wetland ecosystems to the upland ecosystems. Each year I travel to locations outside Florida to photograph including Alaska, New Mexico, Maine, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, New Hampshire and more.

I am a Certified Florida Master Naturalist, under the program created and administered by the University of Florida.

I am primarily self-taught, although over the years have taken workshops with notable instructors to enhance my skills. I am an avid student of technical material which I interpret and incorporate into my photographic style.


The creative process to me involves thoughtful contemplation and patience, determining what in a scene interests me and how to translate that into a successful image. Some of that skill is learned, some of it absorbed working with and learning from others but most of it is intuitive. The rules of composition may be employed or broken. Creativity and passion drive the process.

Many of my photographs are pre-visualized; meaning I saw the image in my mind and went about creating it. Other times I look at a scene, asses its photographic qualities and set about interpreting it.

I process my images using various digital methods including Photoshop, Lightroom, DxO Optics, Nik, On One and Topaz. My photographs are an amalgam of my vision and imagery brought to completion using the best processes tools available to modern photographers.

I print images up to 24 inches in my digital darkroom using Canon or Epson Professional Printers and archival papers, canvas and ink.


I use Canon and Nikon DSLRs systems. Both systems have strengths and weaknesses and using both allows me to leverage my creative options. I primarily use full frame DSLRs for the improved image quality over small sensor cameras. My favorites include the 50MP Canon 5DSR and Nikon 36MP D810.


  • DSLRs: 5D Mark III (full frame), 5DS R (full frame) and 7D Mark II
  • Lenses: 600mm, 100-400mm, 24-105mm, 28-135mm, 17-40mm, 20mm, 11-24mm, 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm
  • Flashes: 600EX-RT, 580EX-II


  • DSLRs: D810 (full frame) and D610 (full frame infrared converted)
  • Lenses: 16-35mm, 24-80mm, 18-200mm, 50mm, 150-600mm (Tamron)
  • Flashes: SB-910AF


  • Tripods: Feisol, Induro and Jobu Design
  • Gimbal and Ball Heads: Feisol, Induro, Jobu Design and Really Right Stuff
  • Transport: Guru Gear Bataflae 32L, Mindshift Gear First Light 40L and F-stop Gear Tilopa


  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6400 24″ Large‑Format Professional Inkjet Printer
  • Epson Stylus Pro 4900 Large‑Format Professional Inkjet Printer
  • Canon PIXMA PRO-10 Professional Inkjet Printer
  • Canon PRO-9500 Mark II Professional Inkjet Printer